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What does Royal Referral do?

We were born with chains. The most insidious of chains, because they are not visible.
They make us slaves in our DNA.

We forged the thin keys that open
the DNA and make miracles happen.

Royal Referral is a Bulgarian Public Limited Company with the Mission to make the world aware of the future Science of Bio Hacking.
Our products act at levels never before reached by official science, they can reach the depths of your biological machine, in the heart of its DNA.
Until now, access to Bio Hacking technologies was exclusively reserved to our shareholders.
We decided to open the doors. We want to offer you the opportunity to hack your natural limits too!

Problems & Solutions

Doing business means solving problems. The Market rewards you when you solve problems.
We solve problems that today, the market is willing to pay $ 900 billion.


First Problem: OLD AGE. There is no human being who loves his advancing age. As you get older you often lose your beauty and become less attractive.

Second Problem: LACK OF ENERGY. Energy is everything. If you have energy, your biological machine works perfectly. Nowadays we are victims of a thousand different forms of stress that take energy away from us.

Third Problem: FINANCIAL LIMITS. To take care of yourself, to overcome the limits imposed by nature, you must have money and free time.



First Solution: COSMETOGENOMICS. You cannot defeat Old Age with the superficial technologies of official science. The Cosmetogenomics can act very deeply, penetrating the DNA of the skin and hacking the sick software that makes us old.

Second Solution: NUTRIGENOMICS. Traditional supplements do not have a strong input power in the cell. With Nutrigenomics we work on the concept of bioavailability of Active Principles.

Third Solution: COMMUNITY COMMERCE. We also want to help you hack your current financial limits. We have created a business model that pays for your word of mouth automatically and continuously.



The engine of our company are the thousands of satisfied customers who reward us with their word of mouth.
That's what they say about us:

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Royal Referral platform is the FIRST and ONLY Community Commerce specialized in Bio Hacking. By introducing new friends and helping us to grow our Community, you can guarantee interesting earnings and build an extra income!
IT'S FREE. To register, however, you will need to be referenced by another member of the platform.
Bio Hacking is the Science that allows the human being to stay young while maintaining all the functions of his biological machine in perfect health.

It is thanks to Bio Hacking that important scientific research on COSMETHOGENOMICS and NUTRIGENOMICS has been developed.
Since 2003, when the mapping of the Human Genome was completed, the international scientific community has begun to question the possible applications of this great discovery.

Therefore COSMETOGENOMICS was born, the science that studies the interaction between cosmetic and skin genes in order to obtain the regeneration of the epidermis, that is, it analyses the impact of a cosmetic treatment on particular skin genes and their consequent activity.

Recent studies have shown that specific active ingredients stimulate the expression of numerous genes that give concrete answers to the treatment of skin problems by combating skin ageing.

Cosmetogenomics is based on gene balance.The receptors of the genes allow the reception of messages producing a stimulus or an inhibition of cellular activity.

The Genome is the DNA sequence that contains all the information of the genetic code.

The totality of the gene information determines the chemistry needed to stimulate the synthesis of DNA, RNA and proteins essential for cell survival.The correct genetic information determines the ability to keep cells organized.

This allows the continuous repair of damage suffered by DNA for endogenous and exogenous causes.

With the passing of the years the genes become less active, the consequence is a lower ability to keep the tissues hydrated, toned and repaired, this causes skin senescence.

The knowledge of the notions contained in DNA has allowed some scientists to identify the process by which the information is converted into a protein giving rise to a new cosmetic approach.
The science that studies the relationships between genetic heritage, genome, and interindividual variability in food is nutrigenetics (also nutritional genetics), a term introduced by Brennan in 1975, while the discipline that studies correlations between food and DNA modifications is nutrigenomics (also nutritional genomics).

The Genome project and the SNPs project have clarified that there are millions of small differences between the genomes of individuals, which strongly influence the characteristics of human tissues, organs and cells and determine the predisposition of a subject to respond to a given diet, with more or less positive influences.

Nutrigenomics is a multidisciplinary science that succeeds in combining genetics with nutrition, trying to play an active preventive role in defence of the organism.

Nutrigenomics therefore involves the application of genomic techniques to nutritional and food problems. In definition, nutrigenomics studies the effect of food and its constituents on gene expression.

This means that nutrigenomics is research that focuses on identifying and understanding the interaction at the molecular level between nutrients and other food bioactives with the genome.

Nutrients not only have a nutritional effect, they also influence gene expression, protein synthesis or breakdown, activating or inhibiting metabolic pathways. The task of nutrigenomics is to examine these processes.

In the last decade, studies and research in the field of nutrigenomics have multiplied, through the development of genetic tests aimed at revealing the mutations responsible for some of the most common and serious diseases, such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, food intolerances (lactose intolerance) and cancer, but also through a careful investigation of the benefits that some categories of food bring if preferably introduced into the diet.

Nutrigenomics has opened a new frontier and created a new scientific approach, focusing on prevention and genetic diagnosis combined.

Correct and targeted nutrition combined with the genotypic diversity of each individual has not only clarified the guidelines for the prevention of a wide range of diseases but has also allowed the development of new experimental therapies to assist in the treatment and improvement of complex diseases.
Our products are born from the most advanced laboratory in Europe, that of the Tegor Group. The mill, one of the brand images of Tegor Group, perfectly symbolises its philosophy, so closely linked to Nature.

Its blades began to move in 1993, driven by the encouragement of a series of professionals in Natural Therapy, with the desire of revitalising and dignifying it. What then was not but a beautiful project, is an authentic reality today.

The facilities in Biscay, more than 11.000 square metres located in an strategic enclave in terms of communications, host different production lines:

Laboratory of medicines based on medicinal plants, laboratory of diet food and diet supplements, laboratory of cosmetics, laboratory of homeopathy, laboratory of nutritional supplements for sport.

Professionalism and wide experience in the field of Natural Therapy; the energy, desire of innovation and application of new technologies and the use of natural ingredients of the highest quality explain that, nowadays, thousands of professionals trust the products manufactured by Tegor Group worldwide.

The strength of Tegor Group is proven by its continuous growth at international level too. This growth has come hand in hand with the effort made by its export department and is reflected in the presence in the most important world trade shows of phytotherapy, sport and cosmetics and also in the opening of distribution nets in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.
Tegor Group collects the best essence of natural therapy and combines it with the highest scientific rigour in order to obtain products of contrasted efficiency with the best raw materials, which are carefully selected and proceeding from different places of the world.

We have all the corresponding sanitary registries to assure that the products we develop comply the current regulation and we count with all the required permissions at both national and international level.

Our Quality Assurance system has been designed according to the Good Manufacturing and Quality Control Practice.

We have stablished Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), which allow us working under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). All of it is controlled by the corresponding audits.

In order to assure quality, the management and control of the following areas is carried out the qualification of suppliers and manufacturers of active substances and critical material.

Control of critial points in the production process, for such purpose, the following actions are carried out:

- Room validation.
- Environmental and surface controls.
- Qualification of the equipments used in production.
- Validation of the cleaning of rooms and machines (Samples of watery and rubbing extract).
- Control of the raw materials used and the conditioning material.
- Review of the rooms before the production starts.
- Controls of temperature/humidity during the process.
- Temperature and humidity control during the storage of the raw materials used and the semi-finished and finished products.
- Controls of semi-finished and finished product.
All the wisdom of nature combined with the latest and most sophisticated production techniques.

The growth that, at all levels, Tegor Group has achieved would not have been possible without an allocation of resources, both human and material, to the Research and Development Area.

The strong investment in R&D+i has favoured Laboratorios Tegor as a leading and innovative company and “In the lead of Natural Therapies” present in 70 Countries.

The research includes new raw materials and active ingredients to achieve the most effective results in each and every product. Products that have to pass the most strict and demanding quality controls before being placed on the market.

At this level, the quality control department has two divisions:

1. Microbiology laboratory

It is dedicated to the microbiological quality control by means of the preparation of samples, growth in culture media, counting and determination of micro-organisms.

2. Physical-Chemical laboratory

It is dedicated to the analyses of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, with the most advanced technology.
The perfect synchrony of all the parts involved in the area has allowed Tegor Group the highest levels of quality in terms of service and distributio, with a single purpose: the highest customer satisfaction.
One of the aspects to which Tegor Group attributes a special importance is the service to the client with all it implies. An important commercial network throughout the national territory deals with their direct attention.

The most moder logistics systems and an organisation with the highest levels of efficiency allows all clients receiving the requested goods in the shortest period of time. The customer service promptly solves any problem or doubt that arises on the part of the clients.

The strength of Tegor Group is proven by its continuos growth at international level too.

This growth has come hand in hand with the effort made by its export department and is reflected in the presence in the most important world trade shows of phytotherapy, sport and cosmetics and also in the opening of distribution nets in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.
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